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The Magic Trip: Charleston, SC

After we left Ben in Richmond, we headed down to Charleston, SC–or at least we tried to.

About halfway there, I lost any and all of my pickup.  I could barely get the car to go 30 mph.  I pulled off at the nearest exit and stopped at a gas station.  Robby and I had no idea where we were.  Two southern gentlemen saw that we were having car trouble and offered to take a look for us.  They thought it could be the converter and recommended a shop down the road.  We putted along down the road to the shop as fast as we could.  When we finally arrived, the mechanic took it around the block and indeed it seemed like the converter.  We ended up spending the whole afternoon in St. Paul, SC waiting for our car to get fixed.  I asked the mechanic if there was any place we could wait while he worked.

“There’s a McDonald’s down the road, ma’am.”

So we walked down the road to McDonald’s where we waited.  All afternoon.


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