And We’re Off!

We leave today for upstate New York where our show, On the Air was selected as one of ten shows to partake in The PiTCH as part of The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival!


We are super excited!

We’ll be up there for a week, rehearsing our little butts off, culminating in a 70 min. presentation of the show performed over the weekend (3 performances).

Unlike other festivals, The PiTCH consists of only 3 members of the creative team, putting on a 70 min. “pitch” of their show to the audience, ending in a feedback session.  Each night could be a different performance, depending on the feedback received the previous night.  Our friend T.J. has graciously agreed to come up for the week and be our “third person”.

This is great for us, since we can try out bits of the show and see how an audience reacts.  All those annoying questions we’ve been asking ourselves over the past year can finally be answered! Like, “Does this joke work?” or “Should we use this melody or the other one for this song?

Stay tuned this week, to get updates on our rehearsal process and performances!


  1. YAY!

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