The PiTCH (part 2)

Where to begin summarizing how amazing, useful, exhausting, eye-opening, and reaffirming an experience this has been?

The second and last nights went extremely well.  We got some great feedback! We left feeling much better on where we were with the piece and where we want to take it.  Robby and I will be working extremely hard over the next few weeks to get it ready for the industry reading.

I call this the “Family” shot.


Here we are with the incredible PiTCH team–Greg (next to TJ) and David (next to the bro).  We seriously could not have done it without them and are so grateful for all of their help! Whenever we had a question/issue/problem we’d call David and his answer was always “Of course!”


I thought I’d leave you with some of the feedback we received:

“Absolutely wonderful songs and outstanding singing.  Looking forward to seeing your Tony Awards!”

“The story was very real and the characters were very powerful in terms of getting an emotional response out of the audience–whether it be sad, happy, conflicted–the characters were well written and relatable.”

“The music was AMAZING! It gave me chills and was extremely effective.  The closing song was perfect and I loved the emotions the lyrics bring to the story.”

“Makes me want to research Jack and Lori more! :)”

“The music is stunningly beautiful. The character ballads are especially gorgeous and give us great insight into the inner turmoil of the characters.”

“The mother was hilarious and so was her song! Please don’t get rid of her! Bob White (the agent) was a great portrayal of the harsh realities of the business and helped us understand the world of Jack and Loretta.”

“I was expecting the show to be trite, but the characters and story were much deeper than I anticipated. I expected the emotion to die down at the end but it kept building and building. The ending was beautifully done and brought me to tears.”


I’ll take it. 🙂






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