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A Gingerbread House Demolition Tea

In case you missed it, I had made a Gingerbread House for Christmas this year.  While I was making it, my family kept asking me what I would do with it.

Me: “Well, it’s meant to be eaten.
Mom/Dad/the bro: “You can’t destroy it!
Me: “Well, it can’t stay there forever.

After they finally resigned themselves to the fact that it would eventually be destroyed, my mom came up with the idea to have a Gingerbread House Demolition Tea.  It would be a fun way to destroy it, while getting rid of all that gingerbread at the same time!

That’s exactly what I decided to do.

Mother nature however, had other plans as it randomly decided to throw a blizzard our way during the time of the tea.  A lot of people couldn’t come, but some still braved the weather (couldn’t believe they trekked out in that!) and decided to come.

Good times were had by all!


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