Fitness Friday: #ADAM31DayChallenge – Week 2

So I was still getting over the plague for a few days.  I’m still not 100% back to my normal self yet.  This really knocked me for a loop!  Anyway I still managed to workout the rest of the days I started feeling better 🙂

Day 8-9:


Day 10:


Finally started feeling human again and managed to go on a walk with Mom 🙂

Day 11:


Easing back into running with a nice 2 miler.

Day 12:


Light weights.

Day 13:

Forgot to take a picture! I was walking around NYC all afternoon since I was in there for the Sarah J. Maas reading! (you’ll hear all about that soon!)

Day 14:


Light weights again!

Results: -0.9lbs
Total: -3.9lbs

Halfway there folks! Keep it up!



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