Reflections on My Birthday :)

Today is my birthday and I’ve been thinking a lot about getting older… Next year I plan on leaving the country for a London Birthday vacation so I don’t HAVE to think about getting older because everybody knows if you’re not here then it doesn’t count–DUH

As I’ve been mulling over my age, I’ve also realized I’ve done some pretty amazing things over the past few years so I thought I’d reflect on some of them today 🙂


  • Lived in a foreign country, alone.
  • Gotten horribly lost.
  • Almost spent a night in Jail.
  • Lost some amazing people in my life.
  • Met some of my best friends.
  • Wrote a show.
  • Learned to decorate a cake with Fondant.
  • Gained self confidence.
  • Lost 40lbs.
  • Received my Bachelors and Masters.
  • Experienced online dating.
  • Did crazy, stupid things in college.
  • Ran a half-marathon.
  • Became even closer with my family.
  • Started a blog.
  • Attended some amazing weddings.
  • Learned to Network.
  • Realized I was wrong.
  • Realized I was right.
  • Met celebrities.
  • Took a road trip(s).
  • Made a complete idiot of myself.
  • Traveled somewhere I don’t speak the language.
  • Pursued my dream job.
  • Met some amazing authors.
  • Learned to cook.
  • Met Daniel Radcliffe (multiple times).
  • Became an actress.
  • Realized how freaking lucky I am.


You know what? I’m looking forward to getting older and even MORE awesome things yet to come! 🙂


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