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The BEA 2015 Recap – Day 2

After the craziness of running around on Wednesday, I was looking forward to a little more of a calming experience for Day 2, even if it was an earlier and longer day.

The main thing on the agenda this morning was grabbing Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.  I knew it was going to be ::crazy:: <–that’s in my sing song voice, so I was heading there first thing.  Meanwhile, the bro was headed to the James Dashner signing which was also going to be ::crazy::  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t find out until practically a foot from James, that he wasn’t signing his new book, The Game of Lives, but the first two books in the Maze Runner Series.  At that point he decided to just stay, but he was not happy after waiting that long only to learn they’re giving books he already has.  Meanwhile, on the Alexandra Bracken line, I was going a little nuts because it was taking FOREVER.


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