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Book Tuesday: The Dream Thieves


Title: The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2)
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Paranormal
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: September 17, 2013
Pages: 416

**Spoilers from The Raven Boys in the description**

Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same.

Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life.

Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after…

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A Reading at The York

So like the title says, we’ll be doing a reading of On the Air at The York Theatre—next week!

As you can imagine, I’ve had no life.  Between re-writes, casting, and also directing at my old HS, I’ve barely had time to breath.

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Book Tuesday: The Accident Season


 Title: The Accident Season
Author: Moïra Fowley-Doyle
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, YA
Publication Date: August 18, 2015
Publisher: Corgi Childrens
Pages: 288
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It’s the accident season, the same time every year. Bones break, skin tears, bruises bloom.

The accident season has been part of seventeen-year-old Cara’s life for as long as she can remember. Towards the end of October, foreshadowed by the deaths of many relatives before them, Cara’s family becomes inexplicably accident-prone. They banish knives to locked drawers, cover sharp table edges with padding, switch off electrical items – but injuries follow wherever they go, and the accident season becomes an ever-growing obsession and fear.

But why are they so cursed? And how can they break free?

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My Dream Library Collection

If you could add any book to your dream library–regardless of price–what you choose?


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Book Tuesday: A Thousand Nights


Title: A Thousand Nights
Author: E.K. Johnston
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fairytale retelling
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Pages: 336
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Lo-Melkhiin killed three hundred girls before he came to her village, looking for a wife. When she sees the dust cloud on the horizon, she knows he has arrived. She knows he will want the loveliest girl: her sister. She vows she will not let her be next.

And so she is taken in her sister’s place, and she believes death will soon follow. Lo-Melkhiin’s court is a dangerous palace filled with pretty things: intricate statues with wretched eyes, exquisite threads to weave the most beautiful garments. She sees everything as if for the last time.But the first sun rises and sets, and she is not dead. Night after night, Lo-Melkhiin comes to her and listens to the stories she tells, and day after day she is awoken by the sunrise. Exploring the palace, she begins to unlock years of fear that have tormented and silenced a kingdom. Lo-Melkhiin was not always a cruel ruler. Something went wrong.

Far away, in their village, her sister is mourning. Through her pain, she calls upon the desert winds, conjuring a subtle unseen magic, and something besides death stirs the air.

Back at the palace, the words she speaks to Lo-Melkhiin every night are given a strange life of their own. Little things, at first: a dress from home, a vision of her sister. With each tale she spins, her power grows. Soon she dreams of bigger, more terrible magic: power enough to save a king, if she can put an end to the rule of a monster.

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Cruisin’ Around: FINAL POST!

Sorry this last post took so long to put up! I guess I was in denial and didn’t want the vacation to finally end via my blog posts…Oh well, until the next one I guess!

Our final stop was Nassau in the Bahamas.

To be honest (and I know I’ll probably get some slack from this), it’s not my favorite Caribbean destination.  I mean, most of it is dominated by Atlantis, I find the water to be a bit rougher than other islands I’ve been to, and it just feels a little more touristy if that’s even possible.  It’s still beautiful, but just not my favorite, hence the lack of pictures.

We ended up going to one of the really busy public beaches (it was a bit dirty to be honest).  We didn’t have any interest in paying the exorbitant fee to enter Atlantis for the day.  Overall, we only spent a half day there anyway so essentially we went to the beach, cooled off in the water (with the exhaust of water jetski’s in our faces as their owners got ridiculously close to people swimming to hassle them to rent it for an hour), then headed back to the boat to catch the beautiful sunset on our last night on board.

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Book Tuesday: ARC – Ice Like Fire


Title: Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2)
Author: Sara Raasch
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publication Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: Balzer and Bray
Pages: 479
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*****Spoilers for SNOW LIKE ASHES in the description*****

It’s been three months since the Winterians were freed and Spring’s king, Angra, disappeared—thanks largely to the help of Cordell.

Meira just wants her people to be safe. When Cordellan debt forces the Winterians to dig their mines for payment, they unearth something powerful and possibly dangerous: Primoria’s lost chasm of magic. Theron sees this find as an opportunity—with this much magic, the world can finally stand against threats like Angra. But Meira fears the danger the chasm poses—the last time the world had access to so much magic, it spawned the Decay. So when the king of Cordell orders the two on a mission across the kingdoms of Primoria to discover the chasm’s secrets, Meira plans to use the trip to garner support to keep the chasm shut and Winter safe—even if it means clashing with Theron. But can she do so without endangering the people she loves?

Mather just wants to be free. The horrors inflicted on the Winterians hang fresh and raw in Januari—leaving Winter vulnerable to Cordell’s growing oppression. When Meira leaves to search for allies, he decides to take Winter’s security into his own hands. Can he rebuild his broken kingdom and protect them from new threats?

As the web of power and deception weaves tighter, Theron fights for magic, Mather fights for freedom—and Meira starts to wonder if she should be fighting not just for Winter, but for the world.

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