Mom Sayings on Mother’s Day – Part 2


So last year I did a post on Mother’s Day about the many wonderful things my mom is/has said.  Since then, I’ve decided to make it a tradition and post one every year on Mother’s Day because my Mom is the best and says the best things sometimes.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂

In doling out love advice.
Mom: Don’t worry, there’s a pot for every kettle.


We were out for a walk when our neighbor warned us there was a rabid raccoon loose. 
Mom: Keep your eyes open.  (gestures to nearby parked car) I’ll get on top of this freaking car if I have to.


Calls me over to her Facebook page with confusion regarding somebody’s newborn baby annoucing that the baby name was chosen.
Mom: I thought the baby name was “Chosen” and I thought what the hell kind of name is “Chosen” for a baby.


Mom: I put that one (photo of me) on your father’s bureau to remind him that he has a child just like him.


In regards to the countertop in the kitchen.
Mom: I don’t cook here.  I just make sandwiches.


Mom: It’s cold in here.  Make the heat a little more on.


I came home with groceries and we all start helping Mom put them away in the fridge.
Mom: Out of the way! I have a system!
We all leave.  2 min. later.
Mom: Nobody is helping me!
Us: …..


We were discussing shipping a package.
Mom: Well how much does it cost to ship out? What is that? Cross continental?
Me: You mean cross country?


Mom: Let’s go out for a walk!
Walks outside.
Mom: Nope! It’s too cold.  I’m gonna stay in and eat.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! I love you to the moon and back, even when you don’t make sense all the time 😉


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