A Very Patriotic 4th of July

I know this post is rather late, I’ve been a little busy doing a show and all…Ok, I’ll be honest.  Part of the time I was doing a show and the other I was trying not to drown in my own sweat during a horrendous heat wave–with NO AC.  The thought of turning on my computer to blog was just torturous.  I laid in bed trying not to move, convinced that would make me sweat less.  Not true.  Now that it’s somewhat bearable I thought I’d catch up on some fun adventures the cast and I have been on for our days off! First being Fort Ticonderoga on the 4th of July!

I mean can you get more patriotic then visiting Fort Ticonderoga on the 4th of July?  Possibly–if you’re in Phili or Williamsburg or something, but hey, this also had reenactors so I’m totally putting it on the same level.  We took two cars and Sarah and Missy had decided to stop at a cute country store on the way there.

“We’re ten minutes away!”
50 minutest later we find Joe waiting like this when they finally arrive:


Ashley had decided to pass the time browsing some literature while we waited for our errant cast members.


Once the whole gang was together, we stepped through the gift shop to tour the fort.  The first thing you’re met with is this incredible view.


Once our mouths closed we ventured further in.


Ashley decided to man the battle station.



Then we all got to our positions.  The ladies of Shout! were ready to Pony and Frug away the British.


Eddie and Dick, the resident bulls, came over to see what we were up to.


Of course we had to say hello.  Missy was the first to greet our new friends.


Such gentle giants!


We continued exploring while we waited for the cannon demonstration to begin, taking in the views, sights, and beauty of the day.



Finally they were off and ready to start the demonstration! With Eddie and Dick hauling the cannon to its firing position.




We gathered on the hill outside the fort, thankfully under some shade, while we were regaled with tales of horror….not really; just instructions on how the cannon worked.


Ready? Fire!


Who can say no to a picture with a man in uniform?


Following the cannon demonstration, we decided to explore the gardens with our lovely tour guide (whose dress I was in love with…hello coral!).






They’re in the process of fixing up the old mansion/B and B and though it needs some love and care, you can still admire the bare bones.



Make sure you circle round to the front of the house and peer in through the windows.  You can still make out the old fireplace, custom bookshelves, and even a few gargoyles guarding over its empty hallways.


The carriage step was still intact and Joe was ever the gentleman.



Krista couldn’t help but cartwheel across the yard.  In her defense it was a very cartwheelable yard…..and we might have begged her to do it.


Finishing up our day at the fort we climbed up to Mount Defiance for even better views and a historical explanation about how the fort fell to the British.  I highly recommend it if you go.  It’s a 5 min. drive away, but the views are breathtaking and the stories are really amazing.


P1020733  IMG_2210





If you’re in the area, I would def. check it out.  Depending on the day and the season, they alter the fort to reflect who operated it and what year it would have been.  For instance we saw it on the 4th and it was still in possession of the US during the war, but the next day it surrenders to the British so they reflect the change with costumes, etc. Pretty neat!

Overall, not a bad way to spend the fourth!


  1. Georgeana says:

    This looks like so much fun! I find it really interesting that they change the costumes, etc. depending on who is in “possession” of the fort. I definitely want to check it out now if I’m ever in the area.

    • Right?! I was so surprised when they said that! They even have different gardens because of it–the “British” and the “American”. I would def recommend it!

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