General Life Update

Hey All! I thought I’d give a little update as to what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks!

I’m currently writing this from upstate NY where I open tomorrow as Kaye in The Taffetas at The Depot Theatre!

You might remember it as the same theatre I did Shout! last year.  It’s great to be back seeing old, familiar faces and new ones!

Once again, it’s a whirlwind rehearsal process–only 9 days! We open tomorrow and my brain is in overload. It was the same thing with Shout! except in this show, we do not leave the stage.  Like at all.  I go off for a hot second for a duet in Act I, but that’s it! It’s full speed ahead the rest of the time.  I’m loving it though!

I brought a bunch of BEA books with me though to try and get through while I’m here.  I’m participating in #ARCAugust and I’m hoping it will force me to get through my large TBR pile.

I felt a little guilty the first two weeks I was here if I pick up a book, because I felt I should be looking over material for the show, so I didn’t really get through that much.  That will change after this weekend though! First preview is tonight with opening tomorrow so things will (hopefully) be cemented into my brain!

The bro and I did some revisions for SUP before I left and I feel like it’s in really great shape.  I dunno guys, I just feel like this story is one that needs to be shared and I’m hoping we’ll get that opportunity soon.  Fingers crossed on a few things coming up! Of course, I’ll share when I can.

One of my best friends, Julie, just had a baby boy and Meesh and I went to see him before I left for this contract.  Can I tell you I wanted to steal him away? For realz.  The cutest ever.

Welcome to the world Elliott! I can’t wait to get you hooked on all things Harry Potter and plot to overthrow the cats in your home.

In other news, I’m debating switching up my blog theme.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but ever since that whole photobucket debacle, I’m leaning toward it even more.  So many options though! I can’t decide where I want to go with it.

I also have something to admit to you all.  I have a problem.  A book merchandise/book subscription box problem.

This shouldn’t be a surprise considering it’s ME, but man.  I’m out of control.  One of these days, I’ll show you my haul that I’ve been accumulating over the past few months.  You’ve seen a few of these items already if you follow me on Instagram, but man.  It started after the On the Air workshop production. I decided to treat myself for that, plus it was my birthday.  It has spiraled out from there.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I think that’s it for the moment.  I’ll be hopping to some fun places during my days off so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about those soon enough! For now, stay cool and enjoy these dog days of summer!

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