Jury Duty: Doing my civic duty

So the inevitable happened.  I got called in for Jury Duty.  Now, this is nothing new.  Somehow, I am always the one out of my family to get called every few years.  However, this was the first time I actually got selected to be on a jury.  It was for the Federal court so that meant I had to travel to downtown NYC almost every day for 3 weeks.


I think I have the NJ transit schedule memorized at this point.

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Why Are We Afraid to Ask for Things?

I really wanted to do this post after an experience I had last week.  I had to make a phone call.  Doesn’t seem like such a big deal right? Dial the number; make the call; done.  But for some reason, I was freaking out about making this phone call.  It was a “business” type call. One where I had to follow up with someone who’s job it is to do what I was asking.

It sounds ridiculous that I was nervous.  Even as I’m typing this and looking at it objectively I know I was being irrational.  Regardless, I had to psych myself up to make this phone call.  It took me a good 15-20 minutes to formulate what I would say, how I would say it, what would happen if they weren’t available, what would happen if they were, and about 50 other ludicrous scenarios I could imagine.

Sweating, I made the phone call.  And you know what?  The world didn’t end.  I survived.  I asked what I needed to ask and it was completely fine.  So why the hell was I so nervous?


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From Austin to Boston – Part 3

Our last few days in Boston were bittersweet.  We were having such a wonderful time that we didn’t want to leave!

Our second to last day was spent idling about Boston; doing some more shopping and enjoying the quaint streets.


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From Austin to Boston – Part 2

Continuing our adventures, I awoke after a horrible night of sickness feeling perfectly fine.  We decided to take it a bit easier that day to play it safe and see how I felt later on that evening.

We walked over to the Italian district.  That’s one thing we loved about Boston–it’s such a great walking city.  Everything is so near one another.  Once we parked the car the day we arrived, we didn’t touch it again until the day we left.

We debated buying this shirt, but opted for a picture instead.


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From Austin to Boston – Part 1

So my friend, Meesh, and I had planned on going to Austin, TX for New Years.  When that didn’t pan out we decided to reroute to Boston.  I know what you’re thinking, “But it’s so COLD in Boston!”  We actually lucked out! We had such warm weather that some days with my coat, I was too warm.

We had an absolutely fantastic time, minus a few hiccups, but I’ll get to those.

Of course, you all know mine and Meesh’s talent for overpacking. What made you think this trip would be any different? #wewereonlythere5days


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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Wow, what an incredible year this has been! I was looking back on my New Years post from last year and I realized, I pretty much did every resolution dream I said I would.  I would say that’s an incredible thing, no?  Here are some highlights from 2015!

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My Dream Library Collection

If you could add any book to your dream library–regardless of price–what you choose?


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Cruisin’ Around: FINAL POST!

Sorry this last post took so long to put up! I guess I was in denial and didn’t want the vacation to finally end via my blog posts…Oh well, until the next one I guess!

Our final stop was Nassau in the Bahamas.

To be honest (and I know I’ll probably get some slack from this), it’s not my favorite Caribbean destination.  I mean, most of it is dominated by Atlantis, I find the water to be a bit rougher than other islands I’ve been to, and it just feels a little more touristy if that’s even possible.  It’s still beautiful, but just not my favorite, hence the lack of pictures.

We ended up going to one of the really busy public beaches (it was a bit dirty to be honest).  We didn’t have any interest in paying the exorbitant fee to enter Atlantis for the day.  Overall, we only spent a half day there anyway so essentially we went to the beach, cooled off in the water (with the exhaust of water jetski’s in our faces as their owners got ridiculously close to people swimming to hassle them to rent it for an hour), then headed back to the boat to catch the beautiful sunset on our last night on board.

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Sarah J Maas Signing with Claire Legrand + GIVEAWAY!!

So last week I was really fortunate enough to attend one of Sarah J. Maas’ signings on her Queen of Shadows tour.  It was an awesome time (as always)!  Even better because one of my other favorite authors, Claire Legrand was moderating.  Sarah was hysterical and since her signing fell on the first day of school for many people, she came in and asked:

“School started today right? Welcome back to prison….” 

We were dying.

Here is the fantastic Claire Legrand (which, if you haven’t read Winterspell, what are you waiting for?! It was one of my top books of 2014!)


Sarah was accommodating as always and answered a LOT of questions about the next book and what to expect.  There will be even MORE twists and revelations (if that is even possible after QOS) and I seriously CAN NOT WAIT.

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Cruisin’ Around: THE CRUISE! – part 4

If you’ve never been to St. Thomas or if you’ve never been to Megan’s Bay in St. Thomas then you are missing out on an amazing place.  No joke, I think we look for cruises that specifically go to St. Thomas because of Megan’s Bay.  It’s been listed as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and I can see why.

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