Crooked Kingdom Launch Party!

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Crooked Kingdom’s launch party with Leight Bardugo and Jesse the Reader at The Strand.  It was a crazy night filled with lines, friends, and cookies.

I arrive relatively early to get on line because I KNEW it was going to be crazy town.  I meet up with my friend Jenn and later with Christina and Emma.


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Remember Me?

I’m that girl who runs this blog.  I know. You thought I fell of the face of the planet.  I can tell you that I’m still hanging on.  August was just one CRAZY month and I barely had time to breathe let alone catch up on any blogging.


I promise that September I will try and do better.  No really! I’m going to give you a brief overview of what these past few weeks have been like.

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A Very Patriotic 4th of July

I know this post is rather late, I’ve been a little busy doing a show and all…Ok, I’ll be honest.  Part of the time I was doing a show and the other I was trying not to drown in my own sweat during a horrendous heat wave–with NO AC.  The thought of turning on my computer to blog was just torturous.  I laid in bed trying not to move, convinced that would make me sweat less.  Not true.  Now that it’s somewhat bearable I thought I’d catch up on some fun adventures the cast and I have been on for our days off! First being Fort Ticonderoga on the 4th of July!

I mean can you get more patriotic then visiting Fort Ticonderoga on the 4th of July?  Possibly–if you’re in Phili or Williamsburg or something, but hey, this also had reenactors so I’m totally putting it on the same level.  We took two cars and Sarah and Missy had decided to stop at a cute country store on the way there.

“We’re ten minutes away!”
50 minutest later we find Joe waiting like this when they finally arrive:


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Some MUCH needed life updates!

Hey all! Remember how I used to post about other things besides Book Reviews? (NOT that that is a bad thing, but I DO have other interests!).  Yea, me too.  Life has just taken over at the moment—and I mean TAKEN OVER.  I feel like this has been me the past few months:


So let me fill you in on what’s been happening because they’ve all been MAJOR happenings!

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As Dreams Are Made Turns TWO!!

Wait…so….seriously?? As Dreams Are Made is TWO???


Can you believe it?!? That’s just CRAZY!

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Rules of Ungagement Chick Lit Blogger!

So I have some awesome news!! I teamed up with one of my absolute besties, Michele, and I am the official book club blogger for Rules of Ungagement!


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Mom Sayings on Mother’s Day – Part 2


So last year I did a post on Mother’s Day about the many wonderful things my mom is/has said.  Since then, I’ve decided to make it a tradition and post one every year on Mother’s Day because my Mom is the best and says the best things sometimes.

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Jury Duty: Doing my civic duty

So the inevitable happened.  I got called in for Jury Duty.  Now, this is nothing new.  Somehow, I am always the one out of my family to get called every few years.  However, this was the first time I actually got selected to be on a jury.  It was for the Federal court so that meant I had to travel to downtown NYC almost every day for 3 weeks.


I think I have the NJ transit schedule memorized at this point.

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Why Are We Afraid to Ask for Things?

I really wanted to do this post after an experience I had last week.  I had to make a phone call.  Doesn’t seem like such a big deal right? Dial the number; make the call; done.  But for some reason, I was freaking out about making this phone call.  It was a “business” type call. One where I had to follow up with someone who’s job it is to do what I was asking.

It sounds ridiculous that I was nervous.  Even as I’m typing this and looking at it objectively I know I was being irrational.  Regardless, I had to psych myself up to make this phone call.  It took me a good 15-20 minutes to formulate what I would say, how I would say it, what would happen if they weren’t available, what would happen if they were, and about 50 other ludicrous scenarios I could imagine.

Sweating, I made the phone call.  And you know what?  The world didn’t end.  I survived.  I asked what I needed to ask and it was completely fine.  So why the hell was I so nervous?


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From Austin to Boston – Part 3

Our last few days in Boston were bittersweet.  We were having such a wonderful time that we didn’t want to leave!

Our second to last day was spent idling about Boston; doing some more shopping and enjoying the quaint streets.


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