Cruisin’ Around: THE CRUISE! – part 4

If you’ve never been to St. Thomas or if you’ve never been to Megan’s Bay in St. Thomas then you are missing out on an amazing place.  No joke, I think we look for cruises that specifically go to St. Thomas because of Megan’s Bay.  It’s been listed as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and I can see why.

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Cruisin’ Around: THE CRUISE! – part 3

Antigua is beautiful.  I’ve never had the pleasure of going there before so this was a totally new experience for me.  We get off the boat and grab a cab to the beach.  The cab ride was awesome.  Our driver, Anthony (pronounced AnTony), essentially gave us a tour of the island and would regale us with stories and life antidotes such as “Don’t worry! Be Happy!”  He also taught us some dialect (which I wasn’t very good at), but he made the trip there and back so enjoyable! If you happen to stop in Antigua and are in need of a cab, ask for Anthony.  He’ll make your trip the destination!

After Anthony dropped us off at the beach we proceeded to lounge and do nothing except go in the water (which was magnificent) and catch up on our reading.

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Cruisin’ Around: THE CRUISE! – part 2

We arrived in St. Maarten to a glorious day.  We’ve been here before on previous cruises and while everybody tells you to go to the French side of the Island, we prefer the Dutch side (half is French, the other Dutch).  The beach is fantastic and the shopping area in downtown St. Maarten is small, bustling, and filled with all sorts of shops and restaurants.

We caught the jetty boat to the beach early that morning and promptly set up shop, grabbing some lawn chairs and umbrellas.  Then spent the majority of the day taking in some sun and swimming in that crystal clear, blue ocean.

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A Day at the Beach aka A Good Life Decision

So Thursday night I got a random text from my friend Meesh, “Hey! You wanna take a day trip to the beach tomorrow?”

Umm YES!

Who says no to the beach?

Now I need to give you some backstory.  Meesh and I are incapable of packing light….to go anywhere…for any immediate length of time.  Here we are with just OUR stuff when we stayed 2 nights at Atlantic City with the rest of our girlfriends.


We might have had 16 pairs of shoes between the two of us…

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