A Hometown Recipe: Sbrisolona

You’re probably looking at that title and thinking “What is THAT?!”

If you haven’t checked out my about page, you might not know that I was born in Italy.  In a little town called Mantova or Mantua in English.  If you’ve read Romeo and Juliet, you’re already familiar with it.  It’s where Romeo flees after killing Tybalt.  There’s always a collective “ohhhh” after I tell people that.  Giuseppe Verdi sets his opera, Rigoletto, in Mantova and besides its cultural fame, Mantova is also known as the seat of the Gonzaga Family.

And (spoiler alert!) maybe the most relevant thing of all, it’s the setting for our second musical that has yet to have a title!  We’ve been busy working on this new venture lately and all the research has made me a bit nostalgic.  I moved to the states when I was only 4, but I remember a lot about my time there.  I’ve also gone back to visit multiple times.  The last time was when I was studying in London.  Robby was studying in Rome at the time and we met in Mantova to visit some friends.  While we were there we sampled many scrumptious dishes, one of which was Sbrisolona.  Pronounced Zb-ree-zoh-loh-nah.  It’s a Mantovana specialty.  They sell it in almost every tourist shop in Mantova and Robby and I promptly stocked up on a few to take back with us.  The bro has been bugging me to make one for a while now and I finally felt inspired to do so!


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