A Reading at The York

So like the title says, we’ll be doing a reading of On the Air at The York Theatre—next week!

As you can imagine, I’ve had no life.  Between re-writes, casting, and also directing at my old HS, I’ve barely had time to breath.

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On the Air: In Concert – Recap

So we did the In Concert version of On the Air to a well receiving crowd this month.  I’m very happy to say that it went very well, albeit a few hiccups here and there regarding a flying moth (don’t ask), but the feedback we’ve received has been very positive and we feel even better about where we’re going with it in the future.

We have a few things lined up which we can’t share with you JUST yet (I know, I know. I’m cruel.), but I CAN share some photos of the concert that Ned Barber was generous enough to take!


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On the Air In Concert–Getting Close Now…

Have you gotten you tickets yet to On the Air In Concert?


What are you waiting for?!?!

It’s only 3 days away!  Yep, that’s right.  You heard me. THREE DAYS AWAY!

Click HERE to get your tickets.  They’re going fast people!




On the Air — In Concert!

Remember when I said that there were a few things in the works for the show?  Well this is one of them!


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Staying Motivated

The past few weeks I’ve been deep in the land of audition season.  I’ve also been extremely busy with some new developments with On the Air (which I hope to share with you all soon!).  I’m sure you can imagine I’m slowly losing my mind (what else is new?) and I have days where I rarely want to get out of bed.  And with days such as these, would you?  I’ve realized however, as I’ve been lining up on lines from here to Timbuktu, that I’m not the only one.  I see a lot of friends and colleagues on these lines and they seem to share the same disheartening, bleary-eyed view–why am I still doing this?


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New Singer/Songwriter Website!

FarruggiaandFarruggia.com is live!


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Submissions and Rewrites

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been bombarded on both sides of the theatre industry–acting and writing.


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Broadway Shows I Want to See

I get a lot of my friends,particularly those not in the business, asking me which shows are great or which ones they should see.  There are a lot of shows that I want to see and many that I no have desire to.  Being a performer and writer in this business I go see them for many reasons.  I thought I’d give a list of shows I want to see and why. Broadway shows also make great holiday gifts!

Shows I want to see (in no particular order):


It’s been out a while now. Besides the fact that I loved the movie as a kid, I’d like to see what all the hype is about for “A Friend Like Me”. I saw the Tony performance and while it was enjoyable, I don’t see how it gets a standing ovation every night in the middle of the show. Maybe it’s something you have to be there for?







The_Last_Ship_Musical[1]The Last Ship

I was skeptical about Sting writing a musical, but I heard some if the music and it sounded pretty good. It also got some great reviews. Unfortunately it’s not doing so well and Sting has stepped in to help boost ticket sales. Not sure if I want to see it with him or wait till he’s out…






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On Composing: A Guest Post

I’m so excited to introduce my guest blogger! I’ve known him his entire life and I might have sat on his head at one point when he annoyed me (granted, I was three at the time and he deserved it)–my little bro, Robby!  People have been asking us questions about writing and composing; the latter I don’t have much experience on since Robby came up with all the tunes, I just co-wrote the lyrics.  I thought I’d invite him on to share his process with you all!


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One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, Robby and I finished the first draft of On the Air.  It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we started this. So much has happened. Honestly if you told me a year ago we’d be where we are now, I would have thought you were crazy.

Actually I thought we were crazy for embarking on this journey.


LITERALLY right after we finished the first draft and submitted it to NYMF—notice the crazy eyes?

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