Broadway Shows I Want to See

I get a lot of my friends,particularly those not in the business, asking me which shows are great or which ones they should see.  There are a lot of shows that I want to see and many that I no have desire to.  Being a performer and writer in this business I go see them for many reasons.  I thought I’d give a list of shows I want to see and why. Broadway shows also make great holiday gifts!

Shows I want to see (in no particular order):


It’s been out a while now. Besides the fact that I loved the movie as a kid, I’d like to see what all the hype is about for “A Friend Like Me”. I saw the Tony performance and while it was enjoyable, I don’t see how it gets a standing ovation every night in the middle of the show. Maybe it’s something you have to be there for?







The_Last_Ship_Musical[1]The Last Ship

I was skeptical about Sting writing a musical, but I heard some if the music and it sounded pretty good. It also got some great reviews. Unfortunately it’s not doing so well and Sting has stepped in to help boost ticket sales. Not sure if I want to see it with him or wait till he’s out…






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