Remember Me?

I’m that girl who runs this blog.  I know. You thought I fell of the face of the planet.  I can tell you that I’m still hanging on.  August was just one CRAZY month and I barely had time to breathe let alone catch up on any blogging.


I promise that September I will try and do better.  No really! I’m going to give you a brief overview of what these past few weeks have been like.

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An Actor’s Wedding

I love weddings, don’t you? There’s always great food, dancing, and an excuse to act a little crazy.  When it’s an actors wedding…well, we know how to go all out.

The bro and I were lucky to be invited to our friend Nicole’s wedding.  Nicole and the bro did a little show called Les Miserables back in HS and then the three of us were in Godspell a few years later.  Nicole is also one of those awesome friends who helped record the demo for On the Air.  She is an absolute sweetheart who keeps me sane during audition season.  Her husband, Rob, is a doll.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!

Nicole and Rob were married at the Glen Island Harbour Club.  OMG the gorgeousness.  The ceremony took place in a room with panoramic views of the harbor.  Simply gorgeous.


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